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Write Julie Bishop a personal letter about why you want a safe climate future.

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It might be because you are young and want to lead a full life; because you are a parent who worries for your children’s future; because you care deeply about some precious places and extraordinary species on the planet.

I am a thirteen year old girl at Shenton College who wants to make a difference in the world and try and prevent climate change. ... Climate change has a huge effect on our everyday society. The planet is becoming hotter and dryer and this kind of weather is a bad sign for farmers, gardeners and many other companies that rely on the rain. Our wine industry is being threatened by this and some wines are on the verge of extinction. ... We need to reduce our emissions by 30 to 40% not 5% or 10% (Mary Sparrow)

As a 20-something, Climate Change is the global challenge of my generation. I don't wish it to be the global challenge of the generations that follow. ... consider the possibility that starting action in Australia will strengthen our argument for other countries to contribute. (Chris Wilson, Floreat) 

Having six grandkids (aged 23 to 8) and even one 4 year old grandchild, I feel driven by my concern for their future and for that of every other living thing on Earth, to do what I can ... I hope that you will use your persuasive skills to promote an adequate, science-based pollution reduction target for Australia.  

Share with Julie Bishop the personal actions you are taking to reduce fossil fuel emissions.  Do you drive less and cycle more? Grow your own fruit and vegetables or purchase locally grown produce? Have you installed solar energy or a rainwater tank?

Explain that individual households – including the 3 million who use solar energy – can only do so much. Australians need our government to  stand with us and our dream of a fair, liveable and safe future. We need national action to switch to renewable energy and keep deadly fossil fuels in the ground.

We have written the attached template letter which you can download, fill in your details, edit as you like and post to Julie Bishop.

The more you use your own words and speak from your own experiences and beliefs the greater your impact.

Help Julie Bishop to Make us Proud in Paris by describing the world we want.

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The development and deployment of renewable energy technologies and the export of these would result in many jobs being created in 21st century industries and leaving behind those of the 19th and 20th centuries. Germany already employs more than half a million people in these new industries (Margaret and Paul Wilkes).

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your role representing Australia at the United Nations climate talks this year ... pertains to the most important issue facing our society this century. Reducing our impact on climate change and adapting to the consequences of it presents so many opportunities to administer justice to the world’s poor, to the powerless and to women. (Dr Sue Taylor, General and Laparoscopic Surgeon)

and citizens beyond the Curtin electorate.

We have world class scientists and inventors in this country; let’s support them and resist the threats of traditional energy suppliers.  I entreat you to use your power and persuasive skills to promote an enlightened position in which Australia agrees to restrict the future use of fossil fuels in favour of renewable energy.

Julie Bishop in her maiden speech noted

I am here to represent all the people of Curtin—to be the voice of the people of Curtin in the national debates on the national issues that will affect their lives, their families, their futures—whatever their beliefs or political philosophy.

The goal of CASE is to have a conversation with Julie Bishop in which we tell her that reducing global emissions is what we care about.

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I am writing as a member of your electorate and 'Climate Action for a Safe Environment': a highly motivated group of people who in their time away from work and family go out into the community, to railway stations and shopping centres and markets and ask people to sign petitions in the hope that this crucial issue will be given its due attention. That is, your attention, Minister. ... Please, join the intelligent thoughtful countries of this world - Germany, Scandinavia, and China and the US in taking substantial, sincere efforts to reduce carbon emissions.
We have every opportunity available to us in this country to develop and prosper on renewable energy.
Let's be brave and do it (Lisa Litjens)