Supporters and sponsors

The following organisations support the goal of Curtin’s CASE to strengthen Australia’s commitment to renewable energy at the UN climate talks.


Australian Ethical Investment Ltd was established in 1986 for the purpose of environmental and socially responsible investment management. Today they manage over $1 billion in superannuation and funds for over 25,000 Australians. They are the leading superannuation fund in taking action on climate change. In 2014 they became the first
Australian superannuation fund to join the Portfolio Decarbonisation Coalition launched by the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative. Through this initiative they have made a commitment to reduce the net emissions of our entire investment portfolio to zero by 2050. They are also actively investing in the solutions to climate change including renewable energy, battery technology and energy efficiency:

Australian Ethical Investment Ltd made a submission to the government on the UN climate change negotiations:  AustralianEthicalInvestment


Bioworks produce renewable fuels in Henderson, Western Australia. They manufacture the fuel from waste used cooking oil that usually gets disposed in landfill: