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The best way is to write a letter to Julie Bishop, but you can also send an email or ring her office and leave a message or ask for an appointment with one of her staff.

Judy usually answers the phone and will assist you! The phone number in Perth is (08) 9388 0288 and in Canberra (02) 6277 7500.

We think the CASE for strong action on climate change is based on, the following opportunities:

  • reverse damage to our urban infrastructure, agriculture, economy and environment from extreme weather events such as droughts, bush fires, storms, cyclones and floods
  • move with our major trading partners into renewable energy industries, rather than be left behind trying to sell coal to a world that no longer wants it
  • regain our place as a respected player in international climate change talks, instead of being a pariah and laughing stock on the world stage
  • do what the Australian people want: 60% want us to be a leader in climate solutions; 3 million of us use solar energy
  • do what world leaders are doing:
    • Pope Francis is about to release an encyclical to the 1.2 billion members of the Catholic Church.
    • China, USA and European Union as well as many other countries are committing themselves to binding emissions reduction targets

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