Ask your club or workplace to write to Julie Bishop


WRITE A LETTER ON THEIR BEHALF explaining how urgently Australia must nurture jobs and economic growth in this forward-looking sector.  A suggested format is here: companytemplateletter

Write as a company director or worker explaining the growing importance of the renewable sector for jobs and economic growth.  Here are some examples of letters from renewable energy companies.

Bioworks, one of the letter writers, produce renewable fuels in Henderson, Western Australia. They manufacture the fuel from waste used cooking oil that usually gets disposed in landfill:




letter 1RE   letter 2 RE  letter3 RE

Renewable energy is undoubtedly a big part of the solution to Climate Change. It is cleaner, healthier, sustainable, more equitable and competing economically. I urge you to see what is happening in major economies like the USA, the EU and China who have seen the economic, environmental and health benefits and are currently, quickly establishing larger renewable energy sectors. China’s motive might be smog and health related, but in the first quarter of 2015 it has installed more solar power than the USA did in 2014 (John Davidson, CEO, Energy Made Clean)


ASK THEM TO WRITE A LETTER – or offer to write one for them!

If you belong to a club or association in Curtin, please encourage them to write a letter to Julie Bishop explaining the consequences of climate change for the club, for example:

  • higher temperatures requiring more air conditioning which increases power bills until we have cheap clean renewable alternatives
  • impact of fiercer storms on the safety of swimmers and surf life savers
  • exposure of coastal buildings to damage from fiercer storms
  • increased costs of watering greens, ovals and tennis courts
    disruption of fixture schedules and games due to heat waves and storms

If you work in or own a renewable energy organisation, a bicycle shop or other business in the new clean economy, then tell Julie Bishop the government should be supporting the future and not wasting $9billion a year in subsidies to the fossil fuel sector. It would take many years for the current RET to pay out this much in subsidies to an industry that employs local people and is better for our health and environment.

Julie Bishop in her maiden speech noted

I am here to represent all the people of Curtin—to be the voice of the people of Curtin in the national debates on the national issues that will affect their lives, their families, their futures—whatever their beliefs or political philosophy.

The goal of CASE is to have a conversation with Julie Bishop in which we tell her that reducing global emissions is what we care about.