Presbyterian Ladies College students will lead the Blue – Futures Section of the People’s Climate March this Sunday, 29 November, 1pm in Wellington Square

This is one reason why they were chosen:

In September 2015, PLC held a PLC to Paris Climate Change Forum for Year 10 students. Student designed and led workshops on what young people wanted Julie Bishop to say on their behalf at the United Nations climate talks in December produced thoughtful and hopeful responses, which they delivered to Minister Bishop this week as she heads for Paris.  Their thoughts included:

 The federal government placing more weight and support on the issue and recognising its severity
• Specific goals to reduce carbon emissions, rather than simply discussion, reflecting research that a 40% carbon reduction would steer us towards a safer climate
• Goals outlined simply for the average person to understand to personally involve us
• The public and their sentiments being considered while these goals are set
• Australia setting an example for other countries to follow, so that we may increase participation globally 
• The nation and especially you, Hon. Julie Bishop, taking a stand and being decisive about leading the world
• Australia helping developing nations in terms of economic and social liabilities 
Finally, as the representative for Australia at the Paris Climate Talks, the youth ask that you keep in mind our request to consider the future, and the people will be our future. As our representative, it is your task to set the example for other nations and achieve realistic yet ambitious goals for emission reduction. We request that you be a leader in negotiating for international cooperation on the issue, while putting pressure on high emitting nations to implement measures that will create a more sustainable future.
Hon. Julie Bishop, many students referred to you as a role model, an inspiration, and even their preferred option for Prime Minister. They place their faith in you to take a moment to listen and consider them, and to fight for long-term sustainable solutions. Please use your influence in your electorate, ministerial position, federal parliament, and on the international stage to assist us in leading the way. Generation “Me” wants to change its title. Tell us what to do, and we will do it. Because we want to.


Phoebe Metcalf, Danielle Tan, and students of Presbyterian Ladies’ College